TripBase: vacation ideas based on profile

Another element of the continued evolving source of online travel tools is TripBase. TripBase’s idea is to generate vacation ideas based on the user’s data – a control panel you can adapt and consisting of your preferences (nightlife, sightseeing, shopping, nature and dining).

Once you get the first 5 initial results (suggestions), you can start filtering and adding more:

  • continents / countries
  • budget
  • time to go
  • weather & season preferences

The results can be listed (up to 15) or shown on a world map. Once a destination is selected, you can opt for more info about it. This will bring you an overview showing trip suggestions, prices, basic destination information and many sub-sites like hotels, flights, deals, photos, map, things to do, articles.

The data comes from different news sites, private blogs, travel reports, travel agencies and many more sources. It’s a nice start if you don’t have an idea where to go (most experienced travellers will have all this data in their head, I guess). Once you start to use TripBase, you would like to expand it for a more detailled search like “where can I go surfing”? This is not possible (yet?).

Alternative trip advisors are: GoPlanit or OurExplorer.



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