Our guests: Corinne

The past couple of months we had the pleasure of Corinne Weidman from Erlinsbach, Switzerland (www.iuna.ch) staying in our camp. Not only did she display and sell pieces of art in a local art show, she also decorated the camp and is a member of the Zopilote crew.

Corinne, what inspires you in your work?

Corinne: I have always liked the art and handcraft of foreign countries especially the figures of middle and south America, Polynesian design and the Japanese animal representation.

You try to connect art and nature, where is that from?

Corinne: The nature plays a big role in my life, I try to spend a lot of time with surfing, snowboarding and hiking in the mountains, I think that effects my painting.

You’ve stayed longer in the camp then you expected, spending a lot of time on your art. How do the surroundings effect your work?

Corinne: First of all the motives adjust to the types of animals and plants in the environment I am surrounded by. Your get completely new inspirations and ideas through the life here, what is completely different from back home. Not to mention the atmosphere in the camp is wicked, with all the different people from around the world and the awesome crew.

Catchword: Surf and Art

Corinne: What should I say, I just pained my first surfboard and for what I know there could be a 1000 more coming…



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  1. ‘do what you love and you never have to work again’
    -Corinne Weidman

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