Costa Rica surfing vacation: Relax at empty beaches


Costa Rican beaches are a superb destination for surfing. It is one of those rare countries in Central America that has two coastlines to surf, the Caribbean and the Pacific, only separated by a dominating mountain backbone. Costa Rica has a tropical climate with two seasons and enjoys year-round boardshort water temperatures at all beaches. The wet season lasts from May to October with sunny mornings and rain during the night, the dry season from November to April with sun all day long.

In one of the top but mostly untouched regions & beaches, ZOPILOTE SURFERS TOUR THEIR WAVES! How about you?

Besides surfing and exploring Costa Rica´s beaches you will find many other adventures like white-water rafting, bungee jumping and jungle canopy tours.  Costa Rica is packed with national parks that protect the region´s volcanoes, it is famous for great rain forests  and their animal kingdom but it´s the diamond-dust beaches of Costa Rica and the marine life that attract us surfers to this beautiful country. Costa Rica is a very friendly country with well-mannered people who call themselves `Ticos` and `Ticas`.

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