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Zopilote in Senegal

At the beginning of this year we decided to choose a random surf destination, far away from the consistent waves of Central America, from the perfect waves of Indonesia and the famous Surf Mecca Hawaii. Thanks to our friend Yves from back home who currently works with UNICEF in Senegal for children’s rights we where let in on the uncrowned waves around Dakar.

With its 2.5 million inhabitants living on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Dakar, the number of local surfers is very low. Dakar only has one small surf shop, a surf club and three cozy surf camps. Needless to say the lack of surfers has not to do with the quality and variety of the waves but with the fact that it is not easy for the locals to purchase from the minimal selection of stock in fins, boards, leashes, and wetsuits. This necessary equipment is way overpriced, therefore making it out of the local youths reach.

Through Yves we met an Italian women named Marta and her local husband Aziz Kane who have been living in Dakar for many years. She is the owner of the Malika Surfcamp, on the break of Yoff. Together our belief in the friendly and helpful locals kids and their desire for sports, whether on land or water, inspired us to donate our surf gear we had with us and upon arriving back home sending whatever surf equipment we were able to send.

On this note we are asking for your help with donations in whatever it may be, old booties, Thermo Long Sleeve, wet suits, leashes, cold water wax, fins, boardshorts etc. You can send it to Marta at the following address, she will make sure that the local grommets receive our donations so the kids on the forgotten continent can have the chance to fulfill their dreams.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Marta
at info[at] or Zopilote at office[at]


Marta Imarisio

Pura Vida
The Zopilote Team

Online Travel guide Where

A nice way to prepare your travel in the States is to use the website of “Where”, a known brand of travel guides. WhereTraveller offers online various information sources about arts, living, events, maps, accomodation, restaurants, shopping and entertainment of all kind for various big cities in the US as well as for London and Paris.

It’s easy to navigate, and every shop / building shows the distance to the city center, nearby restaurants and other shops and so on. You can also use a mobile version of the site on your iPhone. Maps are also included.

Flight Search Engine Tripeedo

Tripeedo is a fast way to search for airfares. What they say:

“No more complicated, outdated interfaces. No tiny calendars to click on, no endless drop-down lists, no “sorry, we couldn’t find that airport” error messages. With tripeedo, we’ve replaced it all with one simple search bar.
Just type in the details of your trip — tripeedo will figure it out. Don’t know an airport code? That’s okay, just enter the city name — or even just the first few letters. tripeedo is smart. You can enter dates in a ton of different formats. You can even specify things like your preferred airline, seat class, and different types of passengers.

As you type, tripeedo gives you a live preview of your search. That way, you can be sure you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for. You can also choose from lots of different travel providers, including Kayak, Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity. We’ll be adding more providers in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned.

When you’ve entered all your details, just hit go or enter. tripeedo instantly redirects you to your search results.

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UpTake: a travel search engine

Besides all the websites and platforms we presented at this blog that relate to travel (see e.g. Tripwolf, TripsByPics, or IgoUgo), there are also some specialized search engines for you. One of them is UpTake.


It’s a search service that checks over 1.000 travel sites and 20 millions of opinions. Besides the search function (and filters like “just get away”, “family vacation”, “romatic getaway”, “pet friendly” and “girls getaway”), there is a huge directory with pre-defined categories like “top hotels”, “best themeparks” or “top things to do”.

Try it out, if you want to travel within the US.

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I Wanna Go There:

This is website for all Travelaficados:

  • connect with other travellers from all over the world
  • share your special places you discovered
  • learn about new interesting places browsing this site
  • plan and design your next trip


It’s a great site that links tips, photos and descriptions for your next travel. Stay cool, go travel!

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TripWolf: another Travel-Tool for you

TripWolf is a full-featured travel site for your travel planning and managing:

  • Community
  • personal sites
  • search and maps
  • own scrapbook to collect your search result and travel information
  • media sharing
  • messaging

TripWolf exists in an english and german version. You’ll also find a ton of travel stories, tips and galleries from fellow travellers – check it out!

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Costa Rica Surf Guide for Download

We proudly present you a free Costa Rica Surf Guide with main information about surfing in this great surf environment. Content:

  • Costa Rica surfing conditions & spots
  • Presentation of major spots like Santa Teresa, Mal Pais, Tamarindo, and many others
  • Travel information
  • Alternative activities

You can download an english or a german version of our Costa Rica surf guide. It’s a pdf-format.

costa rica surfing

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My Life of Travel: a Travelblog

My Life of Travel is a free web-based travel journal and travel research tool that lets travellers record their journeys, map travel histories, share tips with fellow tourists and keep in touch with friends and family.

my life of travel

Users can create multiple travel journals consisting of an unlimited number of journal entries, stories and photos. During the journal entry creation process, the site automatically maps users’ travels onto an interactive world map, displaying the routes travelled. A contact list function lets users inform selected friends, family and acquaintances of updates to travel journals. Users can also set sharing permissions for anyone in their contact list and the internal messaging centre lets members contact each other to discuss past and future trips.

A friends list allows you to link to friends and an automated guestbook lets you see who has viewed your journals.

An alternative to Travelblogs could be servicds like Hubpages where you sum up your experiences – like these ones…
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TripsByPics: get an idea about your next tour

TripsByPics is a travel website for all travelistas who want to discover new places and get an idea of worldwide travel spots. TripsByPics shows you the world in pictures of other globetrotters. You can also search for specific countries and sights to arrange your individual itinerary.


On TripsByPics you can use photos and experiences of other travellers who have actually been at a specific place. Furthermore you can share your own photos and experiences with others. The question “where to go” will be answered on TripsByPics by simply viewing pictures taken from other travellers and marking them for a personal triplist.

When you found out where to go you can do the detailed planning with guidebooks or other travel sites – based on your personal triplist from TripsByPics.

Link: TripsByPics
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