Responsible travel: StepUpTravel

This is an important site for any travellers:

” Step Up Travel is a travel classifieds site, established to allow local small enterprises and individuals publish web-page advertisements of their own unique cultural services, activities, and goods so that travelers can connect directly with them as an alternative to larger more commercial options.

By using Step Up Travel Classifieds and connecting directly with locals, travelers are able to learn of more obscure and fascinating activities, while also helping redirect money away from the commercial tourism industry and toward the people who make their culture what it is.


Step Up Travel was founded to help empower local enterprises compete in an industry dominated by tourism agencies. Aligning itself with the United Nations’ ST-EP initiative (Sustainable Tourism-Eliminating Poverty), Step Up Travel prides itself in being an freer marketplace for the travel industry, granting equal access to all service providers and helping redistributing wealth in a world that suffers from broadening inequalities.

Step Up Travel is also a trusted network of socially-minded travelers who can exchange ideas and recommendations, advocate for responsible travel practices, and seek meaningful interactions with local people when they travel. Through, Step Up Travelers have the unique opportunity to recommend and promote specific service providers they have met along the way, in order to help travelers and local people find and come to know one another.”

Well, we at Zopilote feel part of the Costa Rican lifestyle and, even don’t have a classified at StepUpTravel, we will show you the surroundings and the art of living here around Santa Teresa.

Link: StepUpTravel

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