About Friedl

About Friedl:

Friedl Kolar/
from Villach Austria/
Snowboarding since 1990/
Surfing since 1998/
Sponsors: Ästhetiker, Westbeach, Vans, Oakley, Level, Chill&Surf/
Homepage: www.aesthetiker.com / www.shredschool.at

Most of the times i have a board under my feet. But I don´t care which one it is. After 13 years of professional snowboarding I became a teacher to pass on my life and sport experience to the younger generation.
I´m a crew member of the Ästhetiker. A boardriding crew out of Austria. We try to give back to our sports by doing events like the Wängl Tängl in Zillertal or the MÄSH in Saalbach/Hinterglemm or we try to help kids finding the love of Freestyle Sports with a project call Shredschool.


I started snowboarding because of the rough winters that made it hard for skateboarders. From the start on I felt comfortable on the Snowboard and soon i entered my first contests. Not long after i got sponsored and because of good contest results I got paid to travel the world. For me there is nothing more enjoyable than riding a steep powder hill and launch some big airs.


Surfing is so close to snowboarding. At least this is what i was thinking when is started in 1998. I went to Hossegor (France) and within my first surf trip i made it once to the lineup and ended up not surfing one single wave. White water rides were fun but i knew that this was not surfing. That´s when i realized that those two sports have nothing in common. One year later I gave it another try and it slowly started to work out that i cought some small waves. Surfing isn´t only riding waves it´s all about knowing where to paddle and to choose the right wave.

Costa Rica:

In Costa Rica I finally found what i was looking for quit a while. Endless not to heavy waves in walking distance. Warm water and no crowds make Costa Rica the perfect beginner destination. Besides that I was non stop overwhelmed by the nature and wildlife. It´s just beautiful and the locals try hard to keep it like this. Compared to crowded and dirty Bali, Costa Rica this is the perfect surf and holiday location.

Love / Hate:

I just love to have sessions with friends on any kind of board. I enjoy the spirit and love to cheer at them if something cool goes down. On the other side I hate people who ride less than they talk.



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